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NEWS - News as 12.04.2013

On April 9, in Almaty, in the office of the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development in Kazakhstan the agreement on additional allocation to Vodnye resursy-Marketing LLP (Shymkent urban water utility) in amount of 10.3 million Euro for implementation of the Priority Investment Program is signed. Credit facilities are given for term of 10 years on favorable terms. (Total since the beginning of cooperation, i.e. since 2009, the EBRD allocated with 5.9 billion tenge).
In 2012, within cooperation with the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (hereinafter - the EBRD), the consultants of the KOVI, world famous consulting company, developed the feasibility study. On the basis of the feasibility study the Priority Investment Program is developed, which provides:
1. Replacement of 13.6 km of central big diameter water supply systems;

2. Reconstruction of more than 150 km of street big diameter water supply systems with installation of individual water metering devices for 11.5 thousand users on balance accessory limit;

3. Restoration of 2 tanks with pure water;

4. Reconstruction of sewer pump station in Novoturlanovka settlement;

5. Construction of sewer networks for connection of 283 users to sewerage system;

6. Construction of sewer system for the new residential districts Samal-1, Samal-2 and Samal-3 for connection more than 3 thousandprivate households, commercial structures and budgetary organizations.

As a result of replacement and reconstruction of water supply systems, the level of water loss will be lowered. And construction of collecting pipes will allow decreasing a risk level of ecological and sanitary character.

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