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   Designed to measure the total volume of cold water through a pipeline. The appearance of which is presented below:


   This water-meter has the following advantages:
·   Accurate measurement
·   Practicable appearance
·    Safe and dependable in operation
·    Shock proof
·    Water supply is stopped automatically after termination of the water-meter account balance
·    Water supply resumes automatically after recharge

The main technical parameters of the control system

1. Power supply: special lithium battery
2. Operating Voltage: 2.75 ~ 3.6 V
3. Average power dissipation in static current: <10 µ А
4. Immunity: strong
5. Interrupt method: ball valve
6. Minimum obtainable reading: 0.1 m3
7. Maximum value of the purchased volume ( m3): the 15d ~ 20d 99m3, at 25d 990m3
8. Accuracy: Class B

Basic functions of the water-meter

1. Pressing «Start» displays the current balance (unused portion of water).

2. Pressing the «start»+«request» button combination shows the most recent purchase: The first three digits represent the number of purchase, the next two digits indicate the volume of purchased water.

3. Pressing the «start»+«request»+ «request» button combination shows the total water consumption.

4. Pressing the «star»+«request»+«request»+«request» button combination shows the number of the water-meter.

5. Pressing the «start»+«request»+«request»+«request»+«request» button combination displays information on locking and the software version. The first two digits indicate the lock status of the magnetic field and the physical opening of the case (when the maximum value of 8, the counter is disabled and the valve closes). Subsequent numbers indicate the software version «5.1».

6. Reminder of closing
6.1 When the amount of water is equal to 2 or 5 m3, the valve of the counter automatically closes, it is a reminder for the consumer to buy water. Then press “Start” button to complete consumption of water.
6.2 When the amount of water is equal to 0m3, the water supply stops. To resume the water supply the consumer need to buy a PIN code for a certain amount of water and input it. PIN code can be purchased at the water service company’s head office at the address: 17, Grekova street.

7. Error reminder
Attention, if at the same time to perform incorrectly recharge operation 8 times, the counter will be blocked. To unlock counter, it is necessary to perform unlock operation. Lock status indicates the mark “8E”, so you should address to ACS department on stationary tel.: 321247 ( int. 117), mobile: 87017076195, 87078311180.

User’s checklist

To purchase water you must submit the following information to the cashier:
- Counter number (consists of eight digits 14ХХХХХХ) can be received from the master during the installation process of the water-meter or press the «start»+«request»+«request»+«request» button combination on the counter and the number of the water-meter will be displayed;
- Address of the place of the water-meter installation;
- The name of the organization;

Purchase Code Insert method:

Before input the PIN code it is necessary to shut off the water. Press «Start», type the PIN code of eight digits (PIN code is at the bottom line in the form of purchase), then click on the «Confirmation» button. After input of the code to close the lid.

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