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     Vodnye resursy-marketing LLP is only water management organization in the city, which provides all city with the drinking water and is dealing with channeling of sewage that is provided by point 22 of Art. 1 of the Water Code of RK. For implementation of the economic activity at the order this company has the complete water management system stipulated in point 24 of Art. 1 of the Water Code of RK. Water economy system includes all water management constructions, including the water and sewer pipelines placed in underground space. Their legal status is protected by the Law and regulations.

     Our enterprise is brought in the register and referred to group of the monopolist, with all property is on the state account in authorized bodies.

     Point 2 of Art. 80 of the Water Code of RK obliges our enterprise to provide an appropriate technical condition of water management systems and constructions, and also to take the measures preventing pollution, a contamination and exhaustion of water objects and harmful effects..

     According to Construction Norms and Regulations 3.01-01-2008 distance from extreme lines of water and sewer pipelines to any structure has to be not less than 5 meters as this strip is a sanitary protection zone and provides sanitary protection of a conduit and treatment facilities. On this strip our enterprise is regularly obliged to carry out emergency recovery operations, capital and maintenance of water supply and sewer systems.

     Besides, points 18, 19 of Article 1 of the Water Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and also Health regulations "Sanitary and epidemiologic requirements to water sources, water intake places for the economic and drinking purposes, economic drinking to water supply and places of cultural and community water use and safety of water objects", approved by the Resolution of the government of the Republic of Kazakhstan on January 18, 2012 No. 104, establish the width of a sanitary protection strip for water supply systems and sewer networks on both sides from extreme lines of water supply systems not less than 10 meters with a diameter of conduits of 400-1000 mm, and not less than the 10th meter with a diameter of a sewer network diameter to the 400-1000 mm.

     Owing to requirements of item 6 of Art. 44 of the Land Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, which establishes that: the applicant or his authorized representative provide demanded for branch of the land plot of coordination independently. In a case when other buildings and constructions are located in the territory chosen under placement of construction, and also engineering communications subject to demolition or transfer (including falling at allocation of land) the customer in addition presents the contract signed with each of owners of real estate, on conditions of compensation of losses to a sanitary protection zone to the owner.

     Specific conditions and terms of resettlement, transfer of existing structures of engineering communications, green plantings, obligations of the builder for the indemnification, connected with real estate demolition are specified in the contract.

     Article 118 of the Land Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, literally makes a reservation "Earth of pipeline transport":
"The lands which have been taken away for placement of water supply systems, gas pipelines, oil pipelines and the objects necessary for operation, the contents, construction, reconstruction, repair, development of land and underground buildings, structures, constructions, devices and other objects of pipeline transport belong to lands for needs of pipeline transport. Security zones of the main pipelines also belong to the specified lands with special conditions of use of the land plots which borders / are defined on the basis of construction norms and rules, rules of protection of the main pipelines and other normative documents approved in accordance with the established procedure.

Security zones can be established without withdrawal of the land plots at owners of the land plots and land users".

     On the basis of stated when planning and implementation of capital construction, the builders need to take into account the cities located in the territory underground engineering water and sewer communications. Otherwise, Vodnye resursy marketing LLP will be compelled to initiate judicial questions on reduction of sanitary and protective zone in an initial condition. Practice shows that since 2006 for 2012 around Shymkent city 1103 violations of water and sewer communications in sanitary and protective zone were revealed, on all materials are sent to court for decision-making. From them 485 materials, sanitary and protective zone of pipelines is given to an initial condition.

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