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According to Gorkomkhoz order No. 103 dated November 28, 1951 "Vodokanal" was organized in Chimkent. Until the "Vodokanal" organization, the population of the city used water from springs, wells and small rivers. Water supply during the period from 1951 to 1957 consisted of 2 pump stations located around the small river of Koshkar-ata. Capacity of pumps reached 1255 m3 per day, the extent of networks made 18.5 km. The water lifted by two pump stations, was on sale at the price - 1 kopek for 2 buckets

1952 - the first line of the sewerage with a diameter of 200 mm, 2 km long on Kommunistichesky Avenue is constructed;

1953 - the collector with a diameter of 600 mm, 3 km long is constructed by. The first treatment sewer facilities of the city with a power of 17 thousand m3/d are put into operation;

1957 - construction of the first water intake around the Badam-Sayramsky alignment, 0.8 m3/sec. is begun;

1968 - Badam-Sayramsky water intake is put in operation. Construction of stations of the second lifting with two tanks is begun;

1972 - water intake of Tassay 1is constructed according to the Kazvodokanalproekt institute project;

1973 - water intake of Tassay 2is put into operation;

1977 - the Akbay-Karasuysky water intake from 32 wells is put in operation;

1983 - construction of the block of mechanical sewage treatment of city treatment facilities is begun;

1986 - construction of the Kumysh-Bulaksky water intake is complete;

1989 - the block of biological sewage treatment is put into operation;

1996 - implementation of the program of the accounting of water consumption with installation of metering devices of water on distributive networks and at consumers is begun.

1998 - Vodnye resursy-Marketing LLP is organized;

1999 - the water supply system at the expense of piezometric survey of pressure differences is improved;

2001 - implementation of the project of reconstruction of water supply systems with carrying out of metering devices of water in distributive units is begun.

2006 - the certificate of conformity to the ISO 9001:2000 international standard is received.

2008 - the enterprise is awarded by:
~ "Gold Certificate of quality";
~ Honour Sign "Leader of national economy";
~ Honour Sign "Best Company in CIS";

~ Diploma of the Ministry of Finance of RK "The Best Taxpayer in South-Kazakhstan Oblast"

2009 - development of an investment of the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development for implementation of the Program of Priority Investment.

2010 - The enterprise is awarded by diplomas "Gold jaguar" for faultless reputation in business and high quality of production and service and "Glory monastery" for professional achievements in the modern world and a contribution to intellectual development of society according to the International image program "Leader of XXI Century" Moscow.

2010 - for implementation of the Project of modernization of treatment facilities and building of installation biogas is signed the Credit agreement with the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development on favorable terms in the sum of 13.6 million. Euro (2.8 billion tenge) for 2011-2013. Term of crediting of 12 years.

2011-2012 - modernization of the equipment for treatment facilities is carried out.

2012 - construction of installation of biogas is begun.

2012 - Public organization "Regional League of Consumers "Kyran" awarded Vodnye resursy-Marketing LLP by national quality mark "Altyn kyran".

2012 - Organizing committee of the national independent competition "Leader of Year" awarded Vodnye resursy-Marketing LLP by the diploma in the nomination "The Best Enterprise of Year" and the honorary title “Gold leaders of Southern Kazakhstan”.

2012 - for an essential contribution to ecology of Vodnye resursy-Marketing LLP is a holder of: sign and diploma of the silver prize-winner of republican competition in social responsibility of business of "Paryz-2012".

02 July 2013 - SIQS Quality Certificate, Swiss Institute for Quality Standards “International Quality Certificate”, confirming that enterprise services have high quality, competitiveness and can be recommended by the international experts to promote on the world market.

23 June 2014 - the commemorative diploma and attribute “UNITEDEUROPEAWARD”, insignia and certificate “UNITEDEUROPEAWARD” were awarded to the Head of the European Business Assembly in the field of Marketing.

November 2015 - ”Vodnye resursy-marketing” LLP was awarded the investment attractiveness flag and certificate “Flag of Europe”, as well as the quality insignia and license “Prime Quality Standard” of European Business Assembly.

November 2015 – ”Vodnye resursy-marketing” LLP was awarded a diploma in middle and small businesses on the results of the Paryz-2015 on the social responsibility of business by the Minister of Health and Social Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan T.K. Duysenov.

03 June 2015 - ”Vodnye resursy-marketing” LLP signed the Loan Agreement with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development for the provision of EUR 10.0 mln (KZT 3.1 bln) in the Ministry of National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan with the participation of the Minister of National Economy E.L. Dosayev.

"Vodnye resursy-Marketing" LLP
Address: 17 Ormanov Street, Shymkent

Shymkent code: 8(7252)
Reception office 321-195, 321-194, 326-009
Central Dispatch Service: 321-274, 323-574
Hot-line: 321-275
Inspection of population water balance: 321-180
Water measuring workshop: 373-362, 375-457
Fax: 322-544
E-mail: info@wrm.kz
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