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     The management of Vodnye resursy-Marketing LLP realizes the responsibility before own personnel, visitors, society and other interested parties and defines labor protection and health, professional safety as the main priority in system of values of Association. Carrying out activities for ensuring production, disinfecting and transportation of water, assignment and sewage treatment, the Association seeks to become the modern enterprise of high culture applying the advanced methods and technologies, the relevant management of professional risks. The paramount direction in the field of professional safety of Partnership:

- preservation of life of workers in relation to achievement of operational performance.

The top management assumes responsibility for:
  • following to all requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, modern domestic and foreign practice in the field of professional safety and health protection, industrial safety, the international agreements adopted by the Republic of Kazakhstan, and also to other requirements applicable to our Association;
  • continuous decrease in level of professional risks;
  • expanding and bearing the activity only taking into account decrease in negative impact on human health and the nature;
  • integration of actions for safety of work and other factors into the general system of planning and management of Association;
  • transition to front lines, safe methods of work and the modern technologies ensuring reliable and trouble-free functioning, reducing level of operational injuries and occupational diseases;
  • timely and in full financing of actions for improvement of conditions and labor protection, industrial safety;
  • concerning professional safety and labor protection, openly to communicate with workers, consumers, the founders interested in bodies and the public.

    The top management of undertakes to analyze periodically Policy on suitability and continuously to improve system of management of professional safety and labor protection in process of performance set and updating of new tasks.

     The policy of Vodnye resursy-Marketing LLP in the field of professional safety of labor protection is known to all staff of the enterprise and is available to all interested parties.

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     Hereby the Vodnye Resursy-Marketing LLP declares the commitment to the principles of high-quality management of activities for production, disinfecting and water transportation, assignment and the sewage treatment, conforming to all established requirements, including requirements of consumption.

     All personnel of Vodnye Resursy-Marketing LLP involved in management of activity on production, disinfecting and water transportation, assignment and sewage treatment, understanding: that quality is decisive factor in fight for respect from consumers; that satisfaction of the consumer is the main component of reputation of Vodnye Resursy-Marketing LLP, for continuous increase of degree of satisfaction of the consumers, constantly improves the quality management system.

The top management assumes liability:
  • on improvement, development and improvement of effective quality management system according to ISO 9001 International standard requirements;
  • on implementation of all demands made to quality management system and providing with necessary resources;
  • on definition of the purposes and tasks in the field of quality;
  • on carrying out regular analyses: activity of the enterprise, responses of consumers, performance of goals, policy in the field of quality about constant suitability;
  • on the basis of such analyses - carrying out continuous improvement of functioning of quality management system, by means of carrying out the internal audits correcting and warning actions, updating of the purposes and tasks in the field of quality.
For achievement of it the personnel of Vodnye Resursy-Marketing LLP achieves:
  1. Continuous increase of level of used technologies and the equipment;
  2. Achievements of level of management by activity on production, disinfecting and water transportation, assignment and the sewage treatment, meeting the advanced international requirements;
  3. Continuous improvement of production, physical and social factors of the activity
  4. Establishments of close two-way information connection and mutual cooperation with consumers.

     This Policy is accepted by the Top Management of Vodnye Resursy-Marketing LLP and brought to understanding of each employee of the Association involved in management of activity on production, disinfecting and water supply, assignment and sewage treatment.

     The top management of Vodnye Resursy-Marketing LLP, for the purpose of the accounting of developing realities of public life, the market, social and ecological policy, assumes the obligation for periodic, three years' updating of the real Policy.

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    Vodnye resursy-Marketing LLP renders services in water supply and water disposal to the population and the organizations of the city of Shymkent.

     Environmental protection is one of the priority directions of our activity.

     Vodnye resursy-Marketing LLP has firm intention to provide to the consumers of service and to carry out the activity that systematically and steadily to reduce negative load of environment from city activity, ensuring thus high ecological safety of production objects.

Following this principle, Vodnye resursy-Marketing LLP assumes obligations:
  1. To support an orientation of actions on observance of all laws and the regulations adopted in the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of environmental management and environmental protection, ecological and industrial safety.
  2. To improve existing and to introduce innovative economically available nature protection technologies by preparation of drinking water and sewage treatment for the purpose of decrease in negative impact on environment.
  3. Rationally and carefully to use natural resources at all stages of a production activity, by reduction of losses of drinking water by its production and transportation to consumers.
  4. Continuously to improve quality of provided services for providing more and more comfortable conditions of accommodation of residents of Shymkent and a free access of consumers to safe water supply and water disposal.
  5. Constantly to develop nature protection activity and to improve system of ecological management.

     For achievement of the assumed obligations of Vodnye resursy-Marketing LLP it intends in the present and in the future at all stages of the production activity:

  • to carry out planning, to develop and realize programs of nature protection actions for minimization of negative impacts on surrounding environment;
  • to provide compliance of programs to the purposes and the tasks defined in system of ecological management of the enterprise;
  • to carry out прое5ктирование, building of objects of water and sewer economy and introduction of productions and the equipment with use of the best, economically available, ecologically safe technologies providing an economical expenditure of raw materials, materials and energy carriers, recycling of resources and production wastes;
  • to minimize risk of influence of situations with negative ecological consequences on the basis of diagnostics of constructions, water and sewer pipelines, and also systematic restoration of sites of a network with application of modern methods, in that, number of horizontally directed drilling;
  • to support high level of equipment of the divisions technical means and an automation equipment for prevention of negative impacts on environment and ensuring full readiness of governing bodies, forces and means of reaction for elimination of ecological threats;
  • to provide environmental control, observance of an established order of licensing of activity of the enterprise, insurance and certification of objects of production at all levels of the enterprise;
  • to introduce, provide functioning and improvement of system of ecological management according to the international ISO 14001:2004 standard, allowing to reach goals with optimum expenses and high productivity;
  • to increase ecological culture, educational and professional level of the personnel of the enterprise in the field of rational use of natural resources, environmental protection and ecological safety;
  • to inform the general public the activity in the field of the ecology being part of the general activity of the enterprise;
  • constantly to improve image of Vodnye resursy-Marketing LLP as ecologically focused enterprise founded on trust of the Kazakhstan and foreign organizations, partners, clients and the population of the city of Shymkent;
  • in due time to inform consumers on the results reached in the course of improvement of ecological indicators, on high quality of delivered water and a state of environment;
  • to inform the enterprise personnel the policy in the field of ecology.

     Implementation of the assumed obligations, continuous improvement of the reached results is pledge of ensuring ecological safety of activity of the enterprise and an optimum combination of production and economic interests to ecological interests of the nature and society.

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"Vodnye resursy-Marketing" LLP
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